A Family-Focused, Holistic Approach to Children’s Mental Health


At Dolphin Tribe, we care deeply about our patients and families. Whether you are a child, teen or new mum struggling with your mental health, we can help. We know that mental health challenges can be confronting, so we offer holistic treatment coupled with compassion, giving you hope and kindness on your journey towards a happy, healthy, thriving life. 


Treatment Based on Evidence, Driven by Compassion 


Dolphin Tribe offers evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and holistic treatment for children, adolescents and perinatal mums in Sydney, Australia. Because mental health affects the entire family, we believe the whole family should be involved in treatment with the end goal of supportive relationships, resilience and enhanced wellbeing.

Passionate About Early Intervention


We live in a world where the quickest way is seen as the best - unfortunately, this has led to cutting corners in child and adolescent mental health. Let’s change this! Sending children to a psychiatrist for assessment early leads to the best possible outcomes – help us make early intervention the norm in mental health – there is no other way, there are no shortcuts!


Emphasis on Psychotherapy 


Our treatment is based on various effective styles of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and our psychiatrist prescribes medication only when appropriate and clinically necessary. By providing nurturing care to new mothers, infants and children, we help our patients build strong foundations of mental wellbeing that will continue throughout their lifespan and into future generations.



Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of enormous change. If you are finding it difficult to adjust to the demands of pregnancy and parenthood, and live in Sydney, we can help.


Under our specialist care, we hope you’ll be able to enjoy your motherhood journey and build a healthy, trusting relationship with your baby.

In a family-focused setting, our psychologists and psychiatrists  take a holistic and respectful approach to child and adolescent mental health.


We provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a strong focus on early intervention.


Talk therapy is an effective way to help people articulate their thoughts so they can understand complex and challenging emotions. This holistic treatment comes in many forms and always offers patients a safe, supportive and respectful space.

We provide comprehensive Psychotherapy services for Children, Adolescents and Adults in Sydney, Australia.

Dolphin Tribe is passionate about early intervention and the first step is an accurate assessment.


Whether it’s assessing autism or ADHD, cognition or behaviour, we use evidence-based gold-standard tools and techniques to get a full understanding of your child’s cognitive and behavioural abilities followed by recommendations for effective treatment.

Why Choose Dolphin Tribe?

Creating healthy relationships and supportive environments is key to enhancing the wellbeing of you and your family. That’s why we involve the entire family in our treatment in a welcoming, relaxed space.


We look at the full picture of mental health including biological, psychological and environmental factors. Our  specialist paediatric psychiatrists and psychologists offer tailor-made therapies to suit each patient’s individual experience and needs.


At Dolphin Tribe, we care deeply about our patients and families. We know that mental health challenges can be confronting and we offer treatment coupled with compassion, giving you hope and kindness on your journey towards wellbeing. 

Our compassionate specialists care deeply about children, teens, new mums and their families. We offer a gentle helping hand so you can find the answers and treatment that will help you achieve wellness.


We treat all our patients with respect and therapy sessions are always inclusive and non-judgmental. Our open-minded practice proudly provides treatment for families regardless of your race, culture, gender, politics or religion.


Our mental health professionals have undergone comprehensive training and experience. We offer evidence-based assessment, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our psychiatrist draws on extensive medical training when prescribing medication.


We offer a safe space for individuals and families to talk through anything, no matter how dark, scary or challenging. You’ll enjoy a confidential, open-minded and safe treatment.

Need funding for treatment?


Medicare Rebates and Medicare Safety Net


For Medicare patients up to 10 psychology sessions are eligible for medicare rebates every calendar year under the Mental Health Treatment Plan. For psychiatry-led psychotherapy, up to 50 sessions are eligible for rebate. Those registered for Medicare Safety Net will have most (almost 90%) of the costs for psychiatry sessions covered by Medicare after 10 - 12 sessions.