Referrer Information

Psychiatry Referrals

How do I send a referral?


We prefer to receive referrals via Healthlink (ID; dolphint). Alternatively, fax it to us at 02 9167 7119 or please email it to us.

Please note our Psychiatrist does not accept one-off (MBS Item 291) referrals.


What do I need to provide for a perinatal or infant mental health referral?


Please include:


  • Gestation (perinatal)

  • EPDS Score (perinatal or postnatal)

  • Name of infant (postnatal)

  • Baby’s age in weeks (postnatal)


Should I include the parent on a child or adolescent referral?


Yes, please refer the young person as well as as one or both parents for Psychiatry referrals. This way we can also work with parents individually if necessary.

Will all referrals be accepted?


Due to our commitment to provide best possible care to our patients, we cannot always accept all referrals. Please note while we do not provide a reason for not accepting a referral, usually it is based on patients already on the books and our practitioners' capacity to take on new referrals.


What are the rebates for psychotherapy?


Medicare allows our psychiatrist to provide up to 50 sessions per calendar year that are eligible for medicare rebate. Medicare Safety Nets provides higher rebates (80%) once out of pocket expenses reach a certain threshold. Most costs will be rebated after approximately 10-12 sessions with Safety Net for eligible medicare card holders. 


Our psychologist can provide up to 10 sessions under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.


Can patients refer themselves?

Self-referral is an option for seeing a psychologist but it’s unlikely the patient would be able to claim Medicare or other rebates. Our psychiatrist does not accept patients without referral. If you do not want to claim Medicare for privacy reasons, get a private (confidential) referral from your GP.



Psychology Referrals

Please include the Mental Health Care Plan and any other information if appropriate.

Appointment Process (for Patients)

Please check our appointment information for Psychiatry and Psychology clients.