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By Healthlink (dolphint) or

Ph: 1 800 270 888 (appointments)

    Referrer Information


    Sending Referrals


    We prefer to receive referrals via Healthlink (dolphint). 


    You can also fax it to 02 9167 7119 or email on




    Referrals for Perinatal & Infant


    To provide assessment and intervention for women who have mental health issues through pregnancy and two years postpartum.


    Please provide the following additional details:


    If the referral is for antenatal or postnatal.

    • Gestation (perinatal)

    • EPDS Score (for both)

    • Age in weeks (for postnatal)

    • Name of an infant (for postnatal)

    • Age in weeks (for postnatal)

    Referrals for family assessment (for Child & Adolescents)


    When treating children and adolescents, in most cases it becomes essential to work with parents to address conflict-driven interaction within the family which may be contributing to the problem.  Parental stress or mental illness could be contributing to the family dynamics. With this in mind in some cases, referral not only for the young person but also of one or both parents would help me work with the parent without the child if necessary.


    Referrals for psychotherapy


    Our Child & Perinatal Psychiatrist Dr. Makielan can provide medium-term or long-term psychotherapy to a limited number of patients. Medicare allows a psychiatrist to provide up to 50 sessions per year. Psychiatry sessions are also covered under Medicare Safety Nets.


    Our psychologist can provide up-to 10 sessions under a GP mental health treatment plan. 




    Patients can self-refer themselves for Psychologist. But please note in this case they would unlikely to be able to claim any Medicare or other rebates.