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Our Mission

At Dolphin Tribe, we believe every child deserves to live an emotionally contented life to its full potential. We want to make this a reality by providing holistic, family-focused mental health services that help children, young adults and new mothers with mental health challenges, alleviate suffering and thrive.


Our specialists offer:

  • A family-friendly, safe space where mental health is addressed in a respectful and nurturing setting 

  • Non-judgmental and tailor-made therapies

  • An environment where family relationships are strengthened, pregnant and new mums are looked after, and children’s emotional wellbeing is valued.


We understand that mental health is a result of biological, psychological, environmental and cultural factors. That’s why our goal is to help children and adults across Sydney access holistic psychiatric and psychological services as early as possible. This way, mental health challenges can be diagnosed and treated early for the best possible outcomes.

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