Dolphin Tribe

Unit 4, 550 Blaxland Road


NSW 2122


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Ph: 1 800 270 888 (appointments)

    Our Vision

    World where children and families are better connected and where every child has the right to live an emotionally contended life to their full potential.

    Our Mission

    To adequately support every child's right to live their life to their best potential even with their mental health struggles.


    Our mission is to provide holistic, family-focused, culturally informed, dignified, evidence-based treatment to intervene early to improve children’s social emotional development and to alleviate children from suffering long term with undiagnosed mental health challenges and strengthen their ability to live productively.


    We believe our world becomes a better place when we support the emotional well-being of a child, right from pre-pregnancy to infancy to early childhood through to adulthood.


    Our Values

    Respectful PATH


    Respect our patients, their families, our colleagues and the community.


    We treat each other, our customers and the community in the same considerate and dignified way that we would wish to be treated ourselves.


    Passionate about early intervention in mental health so that we can provide the best possible outcomes for the infant/child/adolescent.


    We believe early intervention in mental health is the best way forward. There is no other way; there are no shortcuts.


    Aramm - the word in one of the oldest surviving classical languages of the world, Tamil, has deeper and context-specific meaning. It means ethics, fairness, morality, integrity, virtue, wisdom, etc.. Aramm is also a way of living.


    We believe everything we do at our practice should be based on ‘Aramm’.


    We believe trust is built upon open communication, transparency, ethical behaviour and doing the right thing. For us, trust is simply a result of following the way of ‘Aramm’.


    Being humble allows us to be open to personal change and continuous improvement.


    At Dolphin Tribe we strongly believe in Japanese idea of Kaizen - 'continuous improvement’. We believe that small, ongoing positive changes can result in large improvements.


    Meet The Team

    Dr Sangeetha Makielan Child Psychiatrist

    Dr Sangeetha Makielan

    Medical Director

    Consultant Infant, Child & Perinatal Psychiatrist

    MJ Basilio Psychologist

    MJ Basilio

    Registered Psychologist