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About us


Dolphin Tribe provides holistic, expert and inclusive mental health care. With the integrated team of psychiatrists and psychologists, we are able to offer high-quality specialist mental health services. While public hospitals in NSW offer adequate mental health services, there are many barriers to receiving care through the public sector. Dolphin Tribe offers the same high standard of treatment but in a private, welcoming, community setting. Patients have direct access to the best possible care.

What we can provide:
  • Full service - Purpose-developed optimised operational processes, Reception, booking, etc.

  • Immediate referral base to get started

  • Purpose-designed therapy rooms.

  • Flexible working arrangements.

  • Excellent earning potential.

  • Practitioner-driven clinical practice - you have full control of your practice.

Our Location
  • Based in Eastwood close to Ryde hospital

  • Centrally located to most parts of Sydney.

  • Off-street staff parking.

  • Excellent access to public transport.

Adolescent/Adult Counselling Registered/Clinical Psychologist
Hybrid (Telehealth and Face-to-Face) or Telehealth only


We have an opportunity for an immediate start for a Adolescent/Adult Counselling Psychologist.  We are centrally located in Eastwood - close to Ryde Hospital with an established referral network from all around Sydney. 

This opportunity is ideal for those who are looking for a balance of roles in public and private, as well as those that wish to start their private practice.

The role can be a Hybrid role (Telehealth and Face-to-Face ) or Telehealth only.


Flexible working arrangements can be negotiated. 

Email with your CV or any queries to

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