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About Aiping Ong

Child and Educational Psychologist


Aiping Ong

B.Sc. (Psych) Honours (UNSW)


Registered Psychologist

Educational/Child Psychologist

Aiping is available on:

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday (afternoon).

Aiping Ong is a Registered Child Psychologist and Educational Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychology Society. She works with children under 12-years-old for therapy, and sees both adults and children for psychological and cognitive assessments.
Approachable, warm and friendly, Aiping has a special way with children. Her calm and empathetic nature puts people instantly at ease, and her non-judgmental practice lets her effortlessly create a strong bond and rapport with her clients.

Training and qualifications


Aiping completed her Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with Honours from University of New South Wales and Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Melbourne. 


Since becoming a Registered Psychologist in 2001, she has worked as an educational psychologist, therapist, case manager and consultant psychologist.

She's trained to conduct gold-standard Autism assessment (ADI-R/ADOS-2).

Aiping’s special areas of interest:
  • Autism

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Developmental Delays

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Gifted and Talented issues

  • Behaviour meltdowns and tantrums

  • Coping skills

  • Psychological and cognitive assessments including autism and ADHD assessments

Evidence-based interventions

Aiping takes a holistic approach to her work, using a range of psychological approaches including:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Positive Behaviour Support

  • TEACCH Autism Approach

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • Play and Art Therapy


Learn more about our resident psychologist 

Aiping helps her clients find peace, feel empowered in themselves, and develop the skills needed for stronger relationships with others. She loves helping clients work through complex thoughts and emotions, and supporting children to play, learn and experience their lives to the fullest.


In her free time, she enjoys artistic and linguistic pursuits such as creating jewellery, art, poetry, and writing.


Would you like to book an appointment with Aiping?

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For child psychology or child counselling appointments at our Sydney clinic, please call 02 7202 7747 or 1800 270 888 or read our contact information here.

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