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ADHD Assessment

Are You looking for ADHD Testing in Sydney?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms vary, but you may have heard about the telltale signs of fidgeting, constant talking, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating. 


If your child has ADHD, they might get unfairly labelled as ‘naughty’ when in reality, their brain is simply wired differently. Even though they attempt to focus on their work, children with ADHD or ADD are easily distracted. This can cause them to have trouble keeping up in class and maintaining friendships.


​Left untreated, ADHD can have a negative impact on a person’s family, social, school, or work life. On the other hand, when ADHD is picked up, it can lead to diagnosis and treatment, which can dramatically improve your child’s development, school performance, and social experiences.


Who should get an ADHD assessment?


If you have any concerns about your child’s hyperactivity, limited ability to focus, distractedness, impatience, and academic struggles, an ADHD assessment is a good idea.


ADHD is often part of a dual diagnosis, meaning that your child could have ADHD as well as another condition. Our psychiatrists’ thorough assessment can help you understand the full picture of your child’s challenges.


For adult ADHD assessment, read more here.


How to diagnose ADHD


Because ADHD is a complex disorder, only a specialist psychiatrist can formally assess and diagnose it. At Dolphin Tribe, our paediatric psychiatrists' assessment is holistic, comprehensive, and multi-faceted. We use Conners 3rd Edition/4th Edition – a clinical assessment tool widely believed to be the gold standard in ADHD assessment.


An ADHD assessment will likely involve:


  • A complete review of your child’s medical, developmental, and psychiatric records.

  • Clinical interview with you about your child’s behaviour, symptoms, and challenges.

  • Observations and discussions with your child, which will include Conner-3/Conners-4 interviews or questionnaires.

  • Additional psychological assessment and testing, such as Cognitive (IQ) testing and educational assessments, if warranted.

  • Discussions with other adults in your child’s life, from teachers to coaches to health professionals.

  • Seeking out alternative explanations for your child’s behaviour, which could include a cultural or social assessment and alternative medical diagnoses.

Diagnosis of ADHD is a clinical judgement based on the results of the assessment matched with the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) criteria.


What comes after an ADHD diagnosis?


If your child’s assessment results in an ADHD diagnosis, you can start down the path of treatment and intervention. As a parent, the diagnosis might come as a relief, give an explanation for your child’s challenging behaviour, and enable you to learn the best ways to support them. 


Your child psychiatrist or psychologist will discuss the best ways to foster a fulfilling and meaningful life working with your child’s ADHD – not against it. Treatment will depend on your child’s particular symptoms, experiences, and needs, which could include medication, therapy, or a combination of the two.


Dolphin Tribe can help

If you already have a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician and looking for an ADHD assessment only from our educational and developmental psychologists, request an appointment for an ADHD assessment at our Sydney, NSW clinic.

If you’re looking at comprehensive ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment, request a comprehensive ADHD assessment with our specialist Psychiatrists at our Sydney, NSW clinic.

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