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Perinatal Psychiatrist

Let Our Perinatal Psychiatrist in Eastwood, Sydney, NSW Help You Overcome Anxiety and Depression

During pregnancy or during the postpartum period is when most women feel vulnerable, So it comes as no surprise that every one in five women will experience some sort of mood or anxiety disorder. Having a baby is a life changing event and it is natural to become overwhelmed and to experience a wide range of emotions. These emotions can come from adjusting to the challenges of motherhood or from sleep deprivation. 

The most common symptoms associated with perinatal mental health issues is depression and anxiety. Depression and anger can come in many forms without us noticing and many express these emotions in different ways. It can be lashing out at our partner and our kids for no apparent reason. It can be isolating ourselves from family and friends. It can also be not having the ability to get out of bed. Even if you can get yourself out of bed, some women can express depression and anxiety by having the need to do too much because they feel as if they need to get everything done right away. For many women who are experiencing motherhood for the first time, they feel as if they aren’t in control of their own lives. And who is? There weren’t any classes in graduate school that prepared women on how to be a parent. 

If you are someone who is experiencing high levels of depression and anxiety, during or after your pregnancy, even if you are not feeling sad or down, a perinatal psychiatrist can help. If you are searching for a psychiatrist near me or for a perinatal psychiatrist in the Eastwood, Sydney NSW area, come to Dolphin Tribe. Our perinatal psychiatrist in Eastwood can help women adjust to the challenges of motherhood, understand how their past-traumas may be triggered, and support mothers as they bond with their babies. As psychiatrists in Eastwood, we provide complete assessment and intervention for women who have mental health concerns from pregnancy through to two-years postpartum. Even if you are someone who takes pride in being strong and independent, if you are feeling overwhelmed, come get help. 

If you are searching for a psychiatrist near me in Eastwood who can help you through perinatal mental health conditions, come to Dolphin Tribe or learn more at

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