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Our Values

Values of Dolphin Tribe


Respect our patients, their families, our colleagues and the community.


We treat each other, our customers and the community in the same considerate and dignified way that we would wish to be treated ourselves.



We are passionate about mental health and bring this passion into our practice. We believe strongly in early intervention and the importance of an holistic approach to psychiatry. 


Tamil is one of the oldest surviving classical languages in the world, and Aramm is a Tamil word with deep meaning that can’t be perfectly translated into English. It means ethics, fairness and morality. It means integrity, virtue and wisdom.


Aramm is a way of life and it infuses everything we do at Dolphin Tribe.



We believe trust is built upon open communication, transparency, ethical behaviour and doing the right thing. It is an essential part of family life and therapist-patient relationships.  



Being humble allows us to be open to personal change and continuous improvement.


At Dolphin Tribe we strongly believe in Japanese idea of Kaizen - 'continuous improvement’. We believe that small, ongoing positive changes can result in large improvements.

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