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Child Therapist

Are you looking for a Child Therapist Near Me based in Sydney, NSW?

As adults, we often see children as living in a carefree period of their lives. Their responsibilities are to grow up, go to school, and become kind, responsible citizens. 


Yet, a child’s life isn’t so ‘carefree’, and for many children, the responsibility of ‘growing up’ becomes more complicated when they experience roadblocks, like bullying, learning difficulties, loss, trauma, or health problems.


Working with a child therapist in Sydney helps kids navigate not only the tough experiences but the difficult feelings associated with those challenges. When children experience profound sadness, anger, stress, grief, and low self-esteem, they may not be able to express themselves. Children may even turn to destructive behaviours as they try to cope alone. A therapist can help your child cope with life changes and strong emotions in a way that promotes healthy growth and development.


A kids therapist may be a psychologist or psychiatrist who helps children navigate their inner world and their feelings to cope with what’s going on around them. A therapist or psychotherapist works with children through talk therapy or Play therapy to help kids identify and then express their feelings. They’ll also work together to find coping mechanisms and tools that your child can turn to in times of need.


When should you consider a child therapist? Your child can benefit from child counselling if they:

  • Need emotional support beyond what a parent or teacher can provide

  • Struggle deal with major (or minor) life changes

  • Display challenging behaviours that you can’t manage alone


Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to work with a child therapist who is also either a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Sometimes, a child’s experiences are a product of a mental health issue or neurological difference. Child psychologists and psychiatrists can provide testing and detailed diagnoses that you can’t access with a qualified therapist. These may include:

  • Mental health diagnoses (ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.)

  • Conditions impaction their neurology, such as autism spectrum disorder or a learning disorder


If your child’s days don’t seem so carefree, make an appointment with a child therapist in Sydney, NSW or Eastwood, NSW to learn more about the benefits of child therapy and psychological counselling.

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