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ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis

Are You Looking for a ADHD Assessment & Diagnosis in Sydney NSW?

Distinguishing ADHD and what is normal behaviour for kids can be very difficult. Usually if a child shows a few symptoms or symptoms in just a few situations, it probably isn’t ADHD. On the other hand, if a child shows signs and symptoms of ADHD at home, at school and during play, you might want to take your child to see a Paediatric psychiatrist or a Child Psychologist  for ADHD assessment. Life can be overwhelming for a parent and child with ADHD, but by taking your child in for early assessment, you can learn ways to help control their symptoms, overcome the challenges you face daily and bring some peace to your child and your family.  

When you bring in your child for their ADHD assessment, the goal is to determine whether your child has ADHD or another condition. Assessments may vary between clinicians, but they usually include interviews with parent and child, review of medical records, brief developmental evaluations and a brief screening and intellectual functioning. The interviews and screening are used to help your clinician get a better understanding of your child and to see whether they have ADHD or other emotional, behavioural and medical conditions, and to determine if there are any primary treatments that are needed. We only use gold standard assessment tools. You will also be asked to complete an objective assessment via school or psychologist in most cases.

Do you suspect your child of having ADHD and would like to take them in for an ADHD assessment & diagnosis in Eastwood, Sydney, NSW? If you are searching for a psychiatrist near me that offers ADHD assessment & diagnosis in Sydney, NSW, come to Dolphin Tribe. At Dolphin Tribe, we care deeply about our patients and families. Whether you are a child, teen or new mum struggling with your mental health, we can help. Based on various tailor-made approach we help our patients build strong foundations of mental wellbeing.

So if you are looking for ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment in Sydney, NSW, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. If you are a parent looking for ADHD assessment and diagnosis for your child, you may find our blog post 'A Parent’s Guide to ADHD Assessment & Diagnosis' very useful.

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