Why we are 'Dolphin Tribe'

Why we are Dolphin Tribe? Dr. Makielan explains:


The pleasure of naming our practice was similar to the experience of naming a baby. 


Here’s why I chose the name Dolphin Tribe:


The vision for my practice was family-centred care. I believe that to care for and understand any infant, child or adolescent, you must understand the child’s broader context. It’s a series of embedded, evolving and dynamic exchanges over time between the child, parents, family, neighbourhood, school, society and culture.


As I thought about this, I recalled joyful sightings of dolphins pods off the beautiful northern New South Wales coast. Dolphins are incredible – they are intelligent, joyful and playful creatures that share many emotional similarities with humans. Dolphins interact with one another, swim together, protect each other and hunt for food as a team – they are social creatures, not unlike our human tribes!


Like dolphins, human babies are born to connect – infants and children need others for protection and nourishment; adolescents and adults continue to need others emotionally and physically to reach their full potential. It’s a lifelong journey for the whole family – the whole tribe, just like with dolphins.


We all have our challenges as a family and we hope Dolphin Tribe will be able to support the emotional wellbeing of your infant or child by supporting your tribe. Find out more about our services.