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Vocational Assessment

Are You looking for Vocational Testing in Sydney, NSW?

A vocational assessment can support your child as they look forward and consider their studies, subjects, and courses. It can help them make future career decisions based on their interests, skills, motivation, psychological needs, and capacity.


Through vocational testing, our practitioners can help assess your child’s learning styles, explore interests, and identify cognitive strengths and challenges. The goal is to help your child pursue a career pathway that is best suited to their unique talents and limitations, interests, and life goals. ​


Why is a child psychologist best for vocational assessments?


You might be thinking: we’re not worried about my child’s mental or psychological health, so why would I take them to a child psychologist?


While there are plenty of resources available offering advice on career decisions, only educational psychologists have undertaken specialist training in child and adolescent psychology. They don’t look at one single factor, but instead balance a whole host of factors to tailor their advice to your child.


Vocational assessment with an educational psychologist will examine your child’s:


  • Unique learning style

  • Psychological needs

  • Personality

  • Cognitive strengths and limitations

  • Interests and motivations.


What to expect during an adolescent vocational assessment


  • In-person discussions

  • IQ (intellectual quotient) testing 

  • EQ (emotional quotient) testing

  • Vocational aptitude tests

  • A feedback session to discuss the results in detail.


What age is best for vocational testing?


Adolescents in years 10, 11 and 12 are at the perfect age for vocational testing. The results from the assessment will help them consider career options and appropriate course selection.


Children under 15 are too young for true vocational testing; however, if your child is interested in learning more about best potential future pathways, they can take part in a pre-vocational programme.


Adults are also invited to undertake vocational testing. Whether you want to change jobs or need help making big career decisions, vocational assessment can be hugely beneficial.


Dolphin Tribe can help you prepare for the future


If you or your child want professional support in planning your best path forward, request a vocational testing appointment at our Sydney, NSW clinic today.


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