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If you have been searching “Child Psychiatrist Sydney” then you likely have already reached a point where you know you or your child needs help and are ready to reach out for a professional's care. If you are looking for a quality adolescent psychiatrist contact us at Dolphin Tribe for a consult. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping your child work through whatever it is that they are dealing with non-judgmental patient care where comfort and communication are key to breakthrough and improve one step at a time. We serve all of Eastwood, NSW, Sydney, NSW and the surrounding areas.

A child and adolescent psychiatrist will help your child grow and overcome issues that can feel overwhelming and not surmountable. As a child, feeling different from your siblings, peers, and other family members can be extremely isolating. We work with whole families to help everyone understand what your child may be going through as they work through the condition that brought them to the office in the first place.

Nothing happens overnight, but improvement in behaviour, wellness, and communication will happen with steady treatment. We offer holistic care  that means we treat the whole patient, we do not just try to hide the symptoms with a band-aid. This may mean addressing underlying issues, having whole family sessions, and more. We treat patients under the age of 18 and enjoy seeing them have the skills needed to become happy, balanced, successful adults. We offer treatments to patients over 18 if they started treatment as a child/adolescent and is deemed beneficial to continue treatment here instead of with an adult-focused doctor. Ask us how we can help you and your family, and schedule your first appointment soon to begin on the path to mental health wellness.

Our Child Psychiatrist Dr Sangeetha Makielan provides complete assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Please make a booking now to get started.

Our location is easily accessible from most parts of Sydney.

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