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Child Psychiatrist Sydney

Dolphin Tribe is Your Child Psychiatrist in Sydney to Help Families Heal and Move Forward.

Growing up is hard to do. As parents, you do your very best, and you can find great allies in teachers, coaches, and friends. However, some young people experience mental health issues that go beyond the remit of a parent or youth worker. In 2013-2014, almost 14% of children aged 4-11 around Australia said they experienced symptoms of a mental health disorder. 


When growing up veers from being hard to feeling impossible, your GP may recommend a paediatric psychiatrist. A paediatric or child psychiatrist provides expert guidance and meaningful therapies so children under 17 can cope, grow and thrive.


A child and adolescent psychiatrist is an expert in the mental health of young people aged 5 to 18. Working with a specialist is important because mental illness presents differently in children than in adults. What’s more, children may not have the vocabulary or emotional maturity to express their inner emotional lives through traditional talk therapy. 


When treating young children, a child psychiatrist will work as a team with you as parents or caregivers as well as the other members of the child’s care team. Once a child reaches their late teens, the young person may work more directly with their psychiatrist.


What does a child psychiatrist do? Child psychiatrists are specialists in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. Though they are also Adult psychiatrists, heir practice differs from an adult psychiatrist. Because children and adolescents are also in a critical stage of their lives, a child psychiatrist places as much emphasis on the child’s mental health as they do the patient's emotional, social, and behavioural development. 


To help children navigate their inner emotional world and the world around them, child psychiatrists specialise in therapies created and tested among children and adolescents. Your child psychiatrist will also take into account family relationships, and provide assessments and management strategies for all members.


Some of the strategies used include:

  • Psychodynamic therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy

  • Medicinal therapies


At Dolphin Tribe, we offer psychotherapy for all age groups. Typically, we see new patients in Eastwood, NSW and Sydney, NSW who are under age 25. We also provide continuity of care and can continue providing care for our young patients as they navigate adulthood.This includes those patients who have been under the care of a Paediatrician until the age of 17.   


Our Paediatric psychiatrist, Dr Sangeetha Makielan, provides a complete psychiatric assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children experiencing mental illness. Ask us to see how a child psychiatrist in Sydney can help your child and your family grow and thrive.

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