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Infant Perinatal Mental Health

What is Infant Perinatal Mental Health?

Infant perinatal mental health are in some respects just like two sides of the same coin. Perinatal mental health refers to the parent’s psychological and emotional well-being through the perinatal period, which is from the time of conception to 12 months after the baby is born. Some mental health issues that can occur during the perinatal period are anxiety, depression and more serious disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder. If a parent is experiencing mental health issues it would be wise to seek professional health. Infant mental health refers refers to how well a child develops emotionally and socially from birth to age four. Issues that may affect an infant are learning and development, attachment, behaviour and emotional issues, and more. Understanding infant mental health is essential to preventing mental health problems of very young children and their families. Though perinatal health and infant health can be defined separately, they are quite interdependent with the mental health of the child affecting the parent and vice versa.  

Having a baby is a big life event, and it's natural to experience a range of emotions and reactions during and after your pregnancy. If you are in the Eastwood, NSW area in Australia, and are looking for a psychotherapist who specialises in infant perinatal mental health, come to Dolphin Tribe. At Dolphin Tribe, our Infant & Perinatal Psychiatrist, Dr. Makielan, has extensive experience in Infant and Perinatal mental health. Dr. Makielan is a Psychiatrist psychotherapist who can provide complete assessment and intervention for women who have mental health issues from pregnancy and through to two years postpartum. She can also help with parent-child attachment issues. When it comes to infant perinatal mental health, she is the best psychotherapist in the Eastwood Sydney NSW area. 

Contact her or learn more today at

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