Autism (ASD) Assessments

Are You Looking For a Psychologist in Eastwood Who Offers Autism (ASD) Assessments?

Does your child’s paediatrician, school or GP have some worries in regards to your child’s development and suspect he, or she, of having autism? Is he recommending that your child visits a psychologist so he can get screened for autism? The number of symptoms among children with autism will differ. Some early warning signs may include delayed language, lack of interest in other kids, over sensitivity and under sensitivity to light, touch and sound, and limited gesturing. By visiting a psychologist for ASD assessment, you are able to get an early diagnosis and learn intervention techniques that are essential to helping your child gain developmental skills to help them progress. 

If you are searching psychologist near me because you are looking for autism (ASD) assessments in the Eastwood, Sydney, NSW area, come to Dolphin Tribe. Here at Dolphin Tribe, we offer our autism (ASD) Assessments Eastwood in a family-focused setting, our therapists take a holistic and respectful approach to child and adolescent mental health. We provide accurate assessments and tailored psychotherapy with a strong focus on early intervention.

Psychologists vary in their approaches to evaluating your child for autism, but typically the autism (ASD) assessment will include interviewing the parents and the child, and a feedback session. Usually, during a parent interview, the psychologist will get more information from you, like your child’s medical history and his, or her, development and behaviour. The child interview is a way for your psychologist to get to know your child better. The interview may include behavioural observations and tests. These tests are used to observe their cognitive skills, adaptive behaviour, attention, memory and fine motor skills. During the tests, the psychologist will do their best to make your child feel as comfortable as possible, so most of these tests will look more like play time than actually taking a test, depending on what age you take your child in for assessment. 

After the interview and tests, your psychologist will provide some feedback based on his/her observations and the results of the testing. They will provide some recommendations and some information regarding helpful resources for your child. During this time, you want to make sure to ask any questions that you may have.

If you are looking for a psychologist near me or for a psychologist in Eastwood who offers Autism (ASD) Assessments Eastwood Sydney NSW, come to Dolphin Tribe. At Dolphin Tribe, we believe every child deserves to live an emotionally contented life to its full potential. We want to make this a reality by providing holistic, family-focused mental health services that help children and new mothers with mental health challenges, alleviate suffering and thrive. We understand that mental health is a result of biological, psychological, environmental and cultural factors. That’s why our goal is to help children across Australia access holistic psychiatric and psychological services as early as possible. This way, mental health challenges can be diagnosed and treated early for the best possible outcomes.

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