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Dyslexia Assessment

Are You looking for Dyslexia Assessment Testing in Sydney?

For children with dyslexia, it can feel as if letters are jumping around on the page, or words are slipping just out of reach. Presenting as early as preschool, a person with dyslexia can have difficulty reading and spelling despite having the ability to learn.


If you are concerned your child may be dyslexic, rest assured it has nothing to do with intelligence. It is simply that their brain processes language in a different way to most. Early assessment and diagnosis can lead to treatments and interventions that can make reading and writing much easier and more enjoyable for your child.


Who benefits from dyslexia assessment?


Both children and adults can undergo dyslexia assessment.


If your child is older than four-and-a-half and has ongoing trouble reading or learning to read, dyslexia assessment can be beneficial.


If you are an adult who has always had trouble with reading, an adult assessment can determine if a dyslexia diagnosis was missed.


How we test for dyslexia


Our educational or child psychologists can carry out comprehensive dyslexia assessments.


Here is what you might expect from an assessment:


  • An interview with parents/caregivers to understand the full picture of your child’s struggles.

  • An assessment of your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

  • Records of educational achievements – spelling, reading, reading comprehension, handwriting, numeracy.

  • A request for further information about your child’s abilities.

  • Verbal feedback and assessment report.


Next steps after a dyslexia assessment


If your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, we will discuss the best ways that your community – parents, teachers, school counsellors, and other professionals – can help with your child’s learning.


If dyslexia is not diagnosed, the assessment process can bring to light other causes behind any academic struggles.


Either way, a dyslexia assessment is an important step towards accessing the support, funding, and intervention needed to help your child overcome their challenges and thrive in the world around them.


How Dolphin Tribe can help


To test for dyslexia in you or your child, book an assessment with a highly trained educational and developmental psychologist at our Sydney, NSW clinic. We are now also able to provide this service via Telehealth.

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