Kids Psychologist

A Kids Psychologist Can Help a Child By Communicating in The Way The Child is Most Comfortable With.

What is the difference between a Kids psychologist or a Pediatric Psychiatrist and a psychologist for adults? A psychiatrist for children has to have the same extensive training as one for adults. This means at least 11 years that includes a medical degree, hospital training, and five years of psychiatry training, then they need additional training to specialize in children's mental health specifically, and if the doctor offers additional specialties they will need even more training. A kids psychiatrist is trained to specifically deal with issues that many children face, they understand the workings of an adolescent brain, and they understand how to communicate with various age groups. When it comes to children each year can bring such drastic changes that you need an expert in each age group.
In addition to specialized training to treat children by having a deeper understanding of the developing brain and Pediatric Psychiatrist has to have excellent communication skills with children in particular. They are trained to speak to children in ways that do not lead the conversation, to be friendly but also professional, and to really listen to children of all ages even when the patient's communication skills may be a barrier.
It is important that if your child or patient appears to need psychological care that they go to a trained children's doctor because they will receive the best in care from professionals who fully understand the workings of a young mind and who have experience in treatment plans specifically for children and families. Contact us at Dolphin Tribe to schedule a consultation with experts in the field of Child Psychology for care for children and their families. We serve Eastwood, NSW, and the surrounding areas with care.

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