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Are You In Need of An Affordable Therapist Near Me in Eastwood, Sydney, NSW

Are you looking for an affordable therapist near me in the Eastwood, Sydney, NSW area? If you are looking for an affordable therapist around Eastwood that can help you save money and who is dedicated to helping you thrive in every way, come to Dolphin Tribe. Here at Dolphin Tribe, we offer a family-friendly, safe space where mental health is addressed in a respectful and nurturing setting - an environment where family relationships are strengthened, pregnant and new mums are looked after, and children’s emotional wellbeing is valued.

Whether you are having the ‘baby blues’, suffering from postnatal anxiety or if you suspect your child of having ADHD or autism, we can help. We believe every child deserves to live an emotionally contented life to its full potential. We want to make this a reality by providing holistic, family-focused mental health services that help children and new mothers with mental health challenges, alleviate suffering and thrive.

At Dolphin Tribe, we treat each patient as individuals and do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we create tailor-made strategies based on various effective styles of psychotherapy to help our patients build strong foundations of mental wellbeing that will continue throughout their lifespan and into future generations.

As an affordable therapist, for Medicare patients in psychologist-led psychotherapy, up to 10 sessions are eligible for medicare rebates every year under the Mental Health Treatment Plan. For psychiatry-led psychotherapy, up to 50 sessions are eligible for rebate. Those registered for Medicare Safety Net will have most (90%) of the costs for psychiatry sessions covered by Medicare after 10 - 12 sessions.

So if you are looking for an affordable therapist near me around Eastwood, come visit Dolphin Tribe. You can also learn more about Dolphin Tribe, please check out our website at

Our location is easily accessible from most parts of Sydney.

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